natural enzyme peels- great for sensitive skin $50
light peels 10%- derived from plant $60
medium peels ~30%- derived from plants $80

You will love the difference and the quick, visible improvement!!!
All enzymes, light and medium peels Renata Nowak-Creed is using are natural and are derived from natural sources- plants or fruits.

Peels have a wonderful rejuvenating impact on our skin, by removing layers of dead skin. Peels provide faster and better penetration to the deeper layers of the skin for vitamins and minerals from masque or serums. Peels increase cell turnover, healthy cell growth and collagen production. Peels also clear the skin of blemishes and decrease acne causing bacteria. Peels used properly will also increase skin moisture and will smooth, purify and visible soften the skin. Some peels are safe and bring a great benefit all year long, but some should be used only certain times of the year.

Before you will plan medium or stronger peels, please make sure you consult and book a pre-appointment visit to make sure you qualify for one. Peels that are done in an unprofessional manner and at the wrong time of the year could bring non-reversible damage to the skin.