We do not list our client's names to protect their personal information.

After having breast augmentation the healing process was difficult. The instructions for after care were totally unhelpful. To repair the scarring I was told to do laser treatments only months after my surgery. So, I did and the scars got worse and thickened. I was totally upset and the plastic surgeon would not admit his mistakes. I had given up all hope. The scars were visible through my bra and clothing so I could only wear black. My dear husband found Renata Nowak-Creed from her website and she was convincing in the benefits of needling techniques. However, after being through so much, I was very skeptical. So, much to my joy after 3 procedures my thick scars have been flattened so much that I am looking forward to seeing the end result. I highly recommend Renata for any needling treatment. She has high quality equipment and is very dedicated. I will continue my treatments for perfect results; and am open to try other treatments that she offers.

I have always had problems with acne since my teens, until 4 months ago. I am now 55 years old! With hope, I came to Renata for help. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and not only did she help me to get rid of my acne, her organic and natural skin care makes my skin look better than EVER!!!. It's glowing, light and healthy! I would recommend her products and services to anybody who wants healthy, beautiful skin!

Trust in critical when you're placing your face in the care of someone with a needle. Renata Nowak-Creed's skills and talent, coupled with her gift of confidence and tenderness is the perfect combination. I completely trusted her without hesitation to permanently color my lips. She expertly facilitated the selection of the color as that was the most difficult part of the process. The actual procedures, both the initial and the follow-up, were professional and comfortable. While the procedure is not without pain and/or discomfort, Renata's advance planning for a dental block was very much appreciated. Should I ever decide to have another permanent make-up procedure, I would not even consider anyone else to perform the treatment.

I had my tummy tuck approximately 4 years ago. My scar was still very red and raised. I tried everything that my dermatologist recommended; deep peels, laser treatments and a roller, hoping for results. I spent almost $4000 and my results were only about a 10% change. I was convinced there were no other options for me. Then, one of my friends recommended Renata for the needling of my scars. My friend had had her scar on her arm reduced, so the recommendation was credible. I had 3 treatments by Renata and I'm very happy with the results. My scar is really flat now and the color is much lighter, almost blended with my skin and not even visible. I could see immediate changes after one needling procedure than all the other procedures combined. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

My problem with acne scars on my face began when I was 17. I thought laser procedures would help and had several Fraxel treatments, and 5 with another type of laser that was suppose to reduce and get rid of acne scars. Then being desperate for improvement, I had a Dermabrasion done by Dermatologist. Lots of pain and face bruises, but no changes!!! I spent over $7000 and was so depressed I honestly though that's how I was going to look for rest of my life. I searched the internet almost every day for a solution and found information about needling. It made sense so I wanted to try it. I began talking to Renata Smith and decided to allow her to do my treatments. After just one procedure I saw about a 50% change in my skin. I had total of 4 treatments and I'm very satisfied with my results. My skin looks very good and I have my confidence back. I'm thinking of trying needling for my wrinkles in the next 3 years. Renata is very professional and really gentle during the procedures. This treatment is great!!!

I was always looking for a solution in skin care. I tried many different cosmetics on the market, always trying new brands hoping one day something would work for me. However, my skin would look good only for the first 30 minutes, then nothing. My skin was dull with large pores and very dry. I heard from my friend, who tried Renata Creed's cosmetics, they really made a difference for her skin so I decided to try them. I made an appointment with Renata to establish my skin type and what my skin needs most. I followed my new regimen every day for about a month and my skin looked much better! My complexion is glowing and finally looks healthy. My pores are smaller thanks to using a daily exfoliation product that doesn't clog my pores. I wished we had more companies on the market that know how to make true organic cosmetics/skin care. Going natural and organic was the best thing I did for my skin. I love Dermanature!

I would like to thank you, Renata, for helping me in my fight against wrinkles. I had two needling treatments done to reduce my wrinkles and I just love the results! My fine lines are gone completely and deep wrinkles are more shallow, some are gone. No more Botox for me! Thanks Renata!

I've known Renata for many years. She was always interested in cosmetics, beauty treatments and skin health. When I heard she started her own cosmetics line, I knew that I wanted to try it. I love these products!!! My skin is glowing and looks really healthy. My favorite is the Vitamin E serum and Herbal Organic Shea Butter Masque. They really make a difference over night for my dry skin. Thanks Renata!

Do you know how is to feel bad in your own skin? Every day looking for help with doctors and other high class specialists? That happened to me. I spent so much money on "miracle" products and painful services with no effect. When I met Renata in Poland, after just one conversation I knew she was very competent and experienced in fighting Acne scars. I had my back and shoulders covered in acne scars. I decided to try needling without any regrets. After the procedure I checked my back every day in the mirror. I had to wait a few weeks for my new skin, first red, and then pink and finally blended with the rest of my back. Checking my back every day in the mirror, I couldn't realize the big differences until after I healed. So when Renata did a second procedure she showed me the before and after pictures!

I couldn't believe it!!! The difference was AMAZING!!!. After just one procedure such a big change! I've had a total of 2 treatments done and I really like the results. I think one more should be it!!! Results were more than I could ever expect. Everything Renata said about the healing process (what to expect) and post procedure results were exactly as she said; except, even she was surprised of the improvement after the first procedure. I know this sounds like a commercial, but I'm very happy that I decided to get this needling done by Renata Creed. I know now I'm in "good hands". She is very professional and experienced in needling procedures. My skin looks and feels great!!! Thank you!!!


My lashes are soft, short and light brown and when I saw how beautiful Renata's long, thick eyelashes (that she had to trim) were, I had great hope. So, I began using her eyelash conditioner. After about 2 months I began noticing my lashes were thicker and longer. However, I suspended use for another product for about 3 months. When the other product didn't produce any noticeable improvement, I returned to using Renata's conditioner. This time, the results were achieved quicker. With about 3 weeks continued use, my lashes were once again longer and thicker looking. Additionally, I noticed the dark skin under my eyes and on my eyelids were lighter. I use the conditioner at bedtime, and in the morning, my eyes don't appear dark and tired looking anymore. I'm sold.

I have had two needling sessions. The first one we focused on my wrinkles and the second session was for the sun spots that I had developed through the years of being in the sun. I was so excited when I found out that with this sophisticated technique it causes your body to produce its own natural collagen and deceased my sun spots. The whole process was done with only a couple days of down time and trust ne it was well worth it! All of my friends have made so many comments about how beautiful my skin looks! I truly believe in this treatment and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have your skin look flawless and natural.

I feel so lucky meeting Renata and became one of her customers. She is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about her field. I had serious acne problems and scars when I met her just two months ago, only through four facials and daily routine of using organic products advised by her, my skin has cleared and lightened up. Renata gained my full trust instantly because she cares about her customers. She is compassionate for people that has skin problems, which should be the number one character of an esthetician.

When I first met Renata I was looking for a complete overhaul of my facial routine. Rather than sell me every product under the sun, she advised me to sit and have a consultation. How refreshing to find someone who's priorities were to improve my skin rather than making commission. This was 3 months ago and I can not tell you the difference Renata has made to my skin. I am an avid golfer so had sun damage to my face and hands. Renata has reversed alot of the damage and the results are amazing! I have had so many people comment on the clarity and glow of my skin since having the facials. I would recommend her services to everyone. Not only is she good at her job she also has great interpersonal skills too. Thanks for everything Renata!

We are writing this letter to express our gratitude for the wonderful care that Renata has been giving to our daughter, Courtney. Several months ago, we had stopped into the Woodlands Ulta to buy some cosmetics with family that live in that area. While we were in the store, my daughter requested we look for something to help with her acne. We have tried multiple products on our teenage daughter over time with little or no improvement. While we were looking at the different products for acne, Renata had asked if we needed any help. We explained what we were looking for and Renate smiled and told us that she could help not only find good products for her skin, but she also worked in the salon working with different skin types and problems. We scheduled our first appointment with her that day, along with purchasing a couple of products with clear instructions on how to use them.

At this point, it has been several months that our daughter has been seeing Renata. We have seen remarkable improvement in her skin and her attitude towards her face. Renata has never pressured us to purchase any products that are not needed or not useful. Everything that Renata has suggested to Courtney has been right on target in regards to products she has said would work. Our daughter listens to every suggestion on how to clean her skin, what to use morning and night, and does not sway from this routine. In our opinion, this is greatly due to how she is treated during her appointments with Renata. Courtney adores Renata and truly believes in her work because of the progress she sees. Renata has given Courtney self esteem, self worth, and the confidence to not need to hide her face.

As her parents, we see the physical differences in Courtney as well as the mental differences. She no longer seems ashamed of her face and the acne. She has the confidence to not wear any makeup if that is what she chooses. She is taking great care of her face because she wants to and is willing to put the time and effort forth to continue success. It is a pleasure to see her succeed with the pride in her skin she has now. We know that none of this would be without the efforts, care, and friendship shown by Renata. The education that Courtney has received from Renata has set her in a routine and we, as parents, can see that Courtney really cares about the care of her face now. All we have is praise for Renata and would like to extend a giant Thank You to her.


Before I met Renata about a year ago, I used a variety of skin care products, but I never seemed to find the one that make my face feel refreshed and nourished. A year later, my face has a healthy glow because I am feeding my skin the nutrition that it was craving all along and not receiving in the other skin care products. Renata suggested that I stop using powder because it was drying out my skin. I was amazed at the amount of moisture the powder was stealing from my face. Now I simply cleanse my face with Ranata's refreshing Grapefruit-Cranberry Facial Cleanser Foam and apply my absolute favorite Antioxidant Vitamin & Facial Moisturizer with Coenzyme Q10 on my face and Anti-wrinkle, Anti-puffy Peptide Eye Cream with Retinol Ester around my eyes. I then follow with a good sunscreen. I have always had dark circles under my eyes. I tried everything out there to get rid of them. Renata suggest I try her Dark Circles & Night Serum and I am starting to see improvement using the two eye products. Amazingly, my eye lashes are also growing longer due to the vitamins contained in the two eye products! Every other night, I treat my face to a little extra help by applying the Natural & Deeply Nourishing Night Serum with Vitamin E. I am always receiving compliments on my skin and at sixty, I feel proud that I am able to nourishing my face with healthy vitamins and moisturizers thanks to Renata hard work. My daughters are now starting to try some of Renata products and loving the results! My face is soooo happy we found Renata a year ago!

I have suffered with acne for as long as I can remember, nothing seemed to work. After the birth of my second child my acne along with dark blemishes flared up even more. I had two beautiful daughters with clear beautiful skin however when I looked in the mirror I wanted to wear a mask. I was nursing my second child at the time and all the acne products could harm my child. That is when I went on a quest through prayer to find an all natural product that would not be harsh for me or my child. Dermanature by Reneta Nowak-Creed was the answers to my prayers. Renata is a loving caring person that was willing to not only help me but educate me on maintaining beautiful skin. She has taught me a wealth of knowledge in which she has incorporated in my skin care line. Such as the fresh sweet aroma of her facial wash, the magical breakout and pore correction pads, the refreshing skin toner, and my special secret moisturizer with SPF. I grew up believing that moisturizer and SPF was not needed in or on African American skin, but these two elements were are needed are essential in getting even tone and healthy looking skin. Why? Because the sun makes my acne scars become darker leaving an unattractive mess. Acne good bye, blemishes good bye, make up no more. I have a new BFF and its name is Dermanature.